Compliance and Optimisation

Transport, Logistics and Customs


Customs issues directly impact the performance of your company:

  • Master Customs Regulations allows the fluidity of your customs operations,
  • Customs disputes can have considerable financial impact,
  • Knowledge of customs procedures allows better plannings as well as financial gains.

We focus on three key concepts:

  1. Customs Strategy
  2. Customs Operations
  3. Customs regulations

Company's specificities are regarded:

  • Your activity,
  • Your markets: Import / Export,
  • Your products,
  • Manufacturing processes,

Our targets:

  • Inventory your customs procedures and knowledge,
  • Comply with customs legislation,
  • Provide recommendations for fiscal and economic optimizations,
  • Give the Customs Administration an image of your company as a reliable operator,
  • Minimize the risk of litigation and customs fines.