• For 20 years we have been supporting our customers in their transport, logistics and customs compliance and optimisation processes.

    ArchiLog’s services are carried out by a team of specialized consultants, with complementary skills, in constant collaboration.

ArchiLog’s services are aimed at industrial and commercial companies that have a national and international activity.

Our interventions:

  • Support your customs strategy
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Processes and transport flows optimisation

CargoWise is the leading global software solution for freight forwarders and logistics providers.

Advantages :

  • Manage and pilot flows
  • Develop and control work processes

Transport, Logistics and Customs Optimisation

Transport, Logistics, Customs, International trade

Audit, Suggestions for improvement

Support for implementation

Pragmatic, operational and adapted services

Compliance and Optimisation operationnal support

Archilog carries out your project.

Project are divided into 3 steps:




Improvement axis/Best practices


implementation and monitoring

CargoWise: From initial installation to the existing optimisation

Productivity Gains, Real-Time Visibility

Compliance with international regulations

Integrated global solution for all sizes of companies

Cloud solutions (Saas), modular and progressive installation

Overall management of your CargoWise project

We intervene at all levels of your project, from initial setting to post go-live.
Project are divided into 6 steps:












Post Go-live

ArchiLog at a glance

compliance douane

ArchiLog's team is composed of consultants highly skilled in customs, transport and logistics.

assistance cargowise

Our multidisciplinary expertise allows us to successfully manage projects for industrials as well as implement and optimize CargoWise for freight forwarders.